We are off to Australia! If a continent is surrounded by water, is it considered an island? Let’s explore and find out.

Our areas of study this month will be flowers, koalas and rainbows. We will also be learning all about color mixing.

How do you make a secondary color? What is a secondary color?

It is a busy month at Arletta Montessori! This month our areas of study will be seeds, the solar system, and plants. We are traveling from Africa to Asia.

Did you know that Asia is the largest continent on the planet? On our science shelves we will study Asian elephants and pandas.

Happy Birthday Day Dr. Seuss.
Wacky Wednesday and Pajama Day have arrived!
This month we are on safari in Africa. Who is the Massai tribe? Our areas of study will be the lions and camels that live in Africa.
On our science shelves we have lessons about chickens, eggs and rabbits.

We have extended our study of the Arctica and the continent of Antarctica. There is so much to learn. Do animals leave tracks behind them? Let’s identify them. We are learning all about what it means to eat healthy foods using My Plate as our guide. At the end of the month a local dentist will visit to help us learn how important healthy food is for our teeth. If a cookie has eggs in it, does that make it healthy?

We would like to wish our friends, families, and community a peaceful holiday season. This month we will learn about Christmas, Hannukah, and Kwanza. Our study of the United States begins this month.

Please join us in donating to food items for the Little Food Pantries located around Gig Harbor. We are also collecting donations of pet food and pet items to be distributed by non-profits in our area. Donations can be dropped off at the school.

What does it mean to be thankful? What are you thankful for? Our areas of study this month will be the continent of North America, leaves, the rainforest, and the turkey. We are making pumpkin pie too

Thank you, Gig Harbor Fire and Rescue, for teaching us what to do in a fire emergency. Sitting in the fire truck, “best day ever!”


This month we are learning all about our skeletal system. Do you know how many bones make up the skeletal system

We will begin our introduction to the seven continents. On our science shelves we will learn all about trees and pumpkins.

For the next two months we will be studying insects, the Solar System, rainbows, color mixing and the continent of Asia.
We will learn all about the magic of metamorphosis. The caterpillars have arrived! Once the chrysalis has formed, we will move them to the butterfly house for observation and study. The butterflies will then be released.
elephant in africa

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Wacky Wednesday and pajama day are on the calendar.

This month we are on safari in Kenya, Africa. Our areas of study will be lions, elephants and the camels of Egypt. We are also learning about rainforests.
Garden cleanup has begun as we get ready to start and sow seeds.