December 2019

This month we will begin our travels around the world. Starting in South America we will learn all about the animals, biomes and the smells. Can you identify the twelve “smells” in our test tubes.

We will also learn about Christmas, Kwanza and Hanukkah.

Join us for our giving project.

This year we will be working with two non profits in our area PACK (people animal care kindness) and Seattle Homeless. Donations of sleeping bags, dog and cat food of any kind, warm mittens, hats, socks and sleeping mats too can be dropped off at the school.

November 2018

Welcome November.

This month we will begin our journey around the world in South America. What does a rain forest smell like? Using our sense of smell we will discover 12 “smells” from the rain forest in test tubes. Close your eyes can you identify them? What are our senses? We have 5.

On our science shelf we will learn all about turkeys. What is my plate? Half your plate should be certain food groups. Do you know what they are? As we enter the holiday season we will begin learning about what it means to be thankful. How can we help others?

February 2018

We will travel from Antarctica to South America this month.

Lift the lid of our Caldero. Close your eyes and smell the items in the jars. Can you identify the items in the jars with just your sense of smell? All are used in cooking native dishes. Hint: monkeys love one of them.

We will begin our study of rainforests.

  • What does the rainforest smell like?
  • What species live there?
  • What is a rainforest?
  • What do astronauts eat? We have recipes from NASA and will begin trying some.

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