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May 2018

It’s May!

This month we will leave Africa and head home to the continent of North America. We will eventually focus on Washington State in June. The shark work remains on the shelves and we have added Coral Reef work. Dolphin and whales will follow shortly. Also new to the science shelves rainbows and color mixing. Seeds will also be studied this month.

In about a week we will plant seeds and send them home. Once the seeds are planted and on the way to you we will introduce our sewing projects. Our focus this week is Mother’s Day gift making. In a couple of weeks insect work will be added to the shelves. Our focus will be ladybugs and butterflies. Weather dependent the caterpillars will arrive at the end of the month. Once a chrysalis has formed they will then be carefully moved to the butterfly house. Metamorphosis is such a wonder to witness.

This is a unit the children really look forward to with anticipation. Much like the arrival of Mr. Bones.

April 2018

It’s April and we’re ready to explore Africa! 
Our study of Asia has come to an end and we are on our way to Africa. We will study the many different cultures, the Masai tribe, elephants and lions. Our study of sharks has begun. Our exploration station has a real shark jaw. How many rows of teeth did this shark have? Check out our ocean in a box. It feels so cool. We are counting to 9999 and using our brand new addition strip board.
Thank you to Chef Roby of Domo Sushi for providing the sushi to celebrate our study of Asia.
Join us for an Usborn book fair on Tuesday, April 10th.