January 2020

This month we continue our journey around the world.

First stop the Arctic then on to the Antarctica. Are they both continents? On our science shelves we will be learning all about penguins and polar bears. It is getting so cold outside. Do animals hibernate, migrate or adapt? What do we do?

In the kitchen, hot chocolate and snowman snacks are on the menu.


October 2019

Welcome Mr. Bones!

This month we will learn about our skeletal system, pumpkins and what to do in a fire emergency.

We will visit a pumpkin patch too.

Gig Harbor Fire and Rescue will be at school for a fire drill and to learn what to do in a fire emergency.


September 2019

As the school year begins we will make new friends, practice walking in the classroom, learn all about our inside voice and have lots of fun!

This month we will learn all about apples, the seasons, land and water masses.

What does it mean to be “living?” What is non-living?” That work is on our science shelf. We will continue to harvest tomatoes, zucchini and strawberries from our garden. This month we will make applesauce.


April 2019

This month we will leave Asia and travel to the continent of Africa.

Our study of insects will begin. Ladybug and butterfly work is on the science shelf. We will observe the magic of metamorphosis in our butterfly house.

What is a primary color? Rainbows and color mixing will help us find out.

We will assemble our brand new garden beds, fill them with soil and begin the planting process. Does that little seed really have a plant in it?


October 2018

Mr Bones has arrived!

This month we will begin to study and learn about our skeletal system. Why do we need bones? What would we be without them? What do our bones protect? These and so many more questions will be answered. We have added pumpkin work to the science practical life and math shelves.

We will also begin our Fire Safety unit. What is an emergency? We will learn all about our 911 system and how to use it if needed. At the end of the month Gig Harbor Fire and Rescue will spend a morning with us. We will finish the unit with time to explore the fire truck with the firefighters.

This month we will also make applesauce and visit a pumpkin patch for fun and games with friends.